Virgin hair is hair that has not been chemically treated or processed in any way.  All of our hair is in its natural state with the cuticles aligned and intact.


3.5-4 OZ


7-8 oz. for 18″ or shorter lengths (2 bundles)

10.5-12 oz. for lengths greater than 18″ (3 bundles)

Please allow 3-7 business days for delivery within the United States.

If your desired hair is out of stock an email will be sent to notify you of your options.

Absolutely! That’s the beauty of investing in My Adorable Hair, you’re completely versatile in regards how you style and wear your hair.


Absolutely!  Just use a mild shampoo to wash the extensions, condition and allow to *air dry*

Please consult a professional to apply your desired color (unless of course, you’re an expert at coloring)


For curly hair, wet hair generously (this helps to define your curls), comb with a wig brush, scrunch hair with a towel and allow to air dry. Put hair in 2 pigtails or use pineapple method by putting your hair in high loose ponytail at bedtime, sleep with a silk bonnet or scarf. Any hair serum may be used sparingly.


For straight hair

Style hair daily as desired.

Wrap hair or hold with a clamp at bedtime.

Sleep with a silk bonnet or scarf to retain moisture and prevent frizz.

* For the best result, shampoo and condition hair at least once a week, this cleanses your hair and eliminates build up. Co-wash as often as needed*

Disclaimer: Please note that my adorable hair does not guarantee the color of the extensions as each individual hair donor has a unique hair pattern and color, but we will take extra care to cater to your desired color and hair pattern as much as we can.